Who should Exhibit?

There is no limit for the inspiration, passion and vision that you will experience. From family cars to sport cars, from economic cars to luxury cars, from classic cars to special cars, and last but certainly not least, a section wholly dedicated for motorcycles of all shapes and uses. This variety of options is what automobile enthusiasts look forward to every year, as well as special offers, services, financial solutions, and a wide selection of accessories and spare parts from the biggest names in the motor vehicle industry.

  Riyadh Motor Show


    • 4x4 cars
    • Passenger cars
    • Sport cars
    • Family cars
    • Special purpose vehicles (SPVs)
    • Busses & Moving Trucks

      Other services

    • Banking & insurance services
    • Car rental services



Considering the current growth in the market, your business can accelerate with the opportunities provided at the show

Who will be there?

  • Car dealers
  • Car enthusiasts
  • Representatives from car companies
  • Representatives of spare parts companies
  • Representatives of car services & maintenance companies
  • Distributors
  • Mechanical engineers & technicians
  • Decision-makers in transportation operations
  • Mixed segments of the society



Saudi Autoshop


        Spare Parts & Accessories

      • Tires
      • Electronics
      • Amendments & upgrade services
      • Engines and their components
      • Alarm systems
      • AC systems

        Audio, Visual & Communications

      • Cameras & safety equipment
      • Audio equipment
      • Mobile applications for cars
      • Remote control systems
      • GPS

        Maintenance & Services

      • Car paint
      • Batteries & chargers
      • Equipment maintenance & car services centers
      • Oil changes
      • Car washes

Saudi Power Sports

    • Motorcycles, quad bikes & jet skis
    • Designers
    • Finance & insurance companies
    • Specialized publishers & media
    • Accessories
    • Designers
    • Spare parts
    • Special care
    • Motorcycle gear
    • Safety gear
    • Motorcycling lessons
    • Oils & chemicals
    • Services
    • Maintenance equipment
    • Unions & organizations
    • High-performance equipment
    • Custom-made motorcycles